Lean Construction Training

We help organizations start the Lean journey by providing the theoretical and practical foundations to understand Lean principles, tools and methods. The objectives of the training are:

• To teach the concepts and practices of Lean Construction and how they can be applied to your project.
• To ensure that you have a common understanding of the terms and concepts of Lean Construction so that you can effectively communicate with clients and colleagues.
• To arm you with an approach to project management that is based on scientific and systematic processes.
• To provide you with the tools and concepts to improve your workflow and overall success of your projects.

In our training course we cover a wide range of tools and methods that will help your organization understand and effectively apply Lean. We deliver custom training programs according to your project and organization's needs. An example curriculum includes:

• Module 1: Production Planning and Control & Introduction to the Last Planner
• Module 2: Advance Topics in the Last Planner, Location-based Planning, Takt-Time Scheduling
• Module 3: The Lean Philosophy and Lean Tools for Continuous Improvement
• Module 4: Effective Decision-making with Choosing By Advantages
• Module 5: Target Value Design and Integrated Project Delivery
• Module 6: Lean Supply Chain Management

Why should I attend the Lean Training Session?
• Lean Construction is becoming more well known in recent years and due to its direct benefits on schedule, cost, and quality; many sophisticated clients are requesting Lean Construction competencies from their service providers.
• The future of the construction industry is Lean. The more you understand and can apply these concepts the better your employment prospects within this industry.
• Lean methods and tools can solve some of the re-occurring problems on projects and gives you a systematic approach to project management.

How are the sessions delivered?
• The training sessions are structured to provide you with content that you would not be exposed to elsewhere. Our goal is not to just provide you with information but to dive much deeper into the concepts including its history, how it was developed (e.g., the problem that it attempts to solve), and its theoretical underpinnings.
• We will introduce the concepts of Lean Construction through a combination of games/simulation, real-world example, and theory.
• Our approach is to first identify problems that occur on construction projects and then to show how Lean can reduce or eliminate some of those problems.
• Our approach requires active participation. We want you to think for yourself and provide the information to help you learn.

Lean Project Consulting

We offer consulting services to apply Lean tools and methods in your projects. We strongly recommend that you go through the lean training course before implementing the lean tool to ensure project's success.

In order to accomplish our goals, we need the whole organization’s involvement in the process. Implementing lean needs innovation from bottom up (from the people who are doing the work everyday) and support from top management, who empowers and encourages the use of Lean.

Lean Corporate Consulting

We offer consulting services to apply Lean tools and methods in any organization. We strongly recommend that you go through the lean training course to ensure that your organization has a shared understanding of the Lean philosophy, tools, and methods.

Implementing lean to a whole organization requires the decision from top management to apply and pursue the lean ideal-- "deliver what the customer need immediately, with no waste". A Lean organization is a learning organization that harnesses the creativity of everyone to continuously improve and maintain a competitive advantage. Our training and consulting will help you speed up your organization’s lean journey and arm you with the best industry practices.